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Here are some guests telling you about their experience on The Millennium Beat’s podcast.

"Being a part of this podcast is now a time capsule to always remember what God started and will continue to do in both of our lives"
Kirstyn & Joseph Almeida
Kirstyn is serving at Common Ground Church as part of their worship band Joseph is Working as a mental health counselor at a local school in Palm Beach County
"I enjoyed my interview with Kevin James. He was easy to talk to and he gave me ample opportunity to share about my ministry. He’s doing an excellent job connecting with today’s listeners!"
Paul Kendall
Pastor, Author
"It was a pleasure to work with Kevin-James. He is straightforward to relate to, a joy to be around, and he made it easy to share our experiences of traveling to unusual places. I highly recommend his program to anyone interested in what Christians are doing around the world."
Katie & Donald Nalley
Missionaries & Real Estate agents
"Kevin-James is a fantastic interviewer. It was an absolute joy to spend time with him discussing the Kingdom of God. I fully support everything Kevin is doing with The Millennium Beat and encourage you to engage with him as he helps many people share their stories with others."
Brad Gillman
Pastoral Counselor, The Awakening Journey
"Kevin-James knows how to change the world, one life at a time. His manner and humility make it easy to talk to him. His professionalism is incredible! Great experience!"
Joel Thornton
Child and Parental Rights Campaign
"It was a great honor to be interviewed by Kevin James of The Millennium Beat. This outreach ministry is touching many lives. Thank you for the privilege of being on The Millennium Beat with you!"
Rusty & Belinda Owens
Pastor of the Glory Barn
"I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kevin-James. He was sensitive and insightful in his questioning and responsive to my testimony— a professional host and easy to talk with him."
Shelia Hart Artt
Outrageous Grace Ministries
"I had a great experience on The Millennium Podcast with Kevin-James He made me feel like family."
Paul Turner
Former Youth Pastor. Author, Speaker, & Podcaster
"I enjoyed working with Kevin-James on The Millennium Beat's Podcast, sharing my testimony with him and his listeners. It was an excellent opportunity to share the hope of Christ and the real-life that is available to us when we follow Jesus. I pray that those who have heard my story believe there is that same hope for them. God has great things planned for all of us!"
Karen Simmons
Senior leader of Identity Church, Deltona, FL

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