Fake scam stories about Qnet limited

The headquarters of the company is Hong Kong and 바카라사이트주소 it has many registered offices in many countries like India, Egypt, Taiwan and Australia. Questnet boasts of a wide ranging product portfolio. The company deals with different kinds of luxury products and collectibles. It also sells tour and holiday packages, jewelry, nutrition products, health and wellness products, energy products and cosmetic products. This company has adopted a multi-level-marketing strategy combined with the commerce business model in some countries. Questnet trains and then recruits Independent Representatives and provides them with a virtual office which they have to utilize to promote the company and its products. Their compensation will depend on their individual sales volume as well as the sales volume of their entire team which functions on the binary model. Questnet is also one of the members of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore and Malaysia. Its offices can be found in different places like Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia and it also operates in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In the recent times, there has been much maligning of the company’s name and reputation. Scores of articles have been published online about the Qnet scam. While many are aware of the Qnet con, not everyone clearly knows whether the news is genuine or whether these are just malicious rumors being spread to tarnish the company’s image.  The Qnet scam articles that have been published on various websites online take of the company operating Ponzi schemes.

The firm is accused of operating a fake, product oriented pyramid scheme which is typical of all multi-level-marketing companies. In Indonesia and Iran, many of these accusations against the company forced the founders to shut down the firm after the government officials started arresting the key employees of the company. There is one another aspect of the Qnet scam which had to do with the name of the company. GoldQuest International Corp, a USA based firm found itself in the spotlight due to the negative rumors surrounding Questnet Limited which was earlier known as Goldquest. Questnet was termed by the US Securities & Exchange Commission as a ‘ponzi and pyramid scheme’.  Often, the Alberta Securities & Exchange Commission is also mistaken for 카지노사이트추천 Qnet Limited. However, the USA based company had no whatsoever connection with Goldquest which was later renamed as Questnet.

Questnet was launched between the period 1998 and 2000 and at the time of its launch, it was named GoldQuest. In the year 2003, it diversified its operations and extended to wide ranging product portfolio along with different services. The company also went marketing strategy overhaul and came to be known as QuestNet. GoldQuest, as the name of the company was discontinued in the year 2003. The company has not conducted any business under the GoldQuest since 2003. Several reports that have been published online about the scam are largely groundless and the firm claims to be a registered member of Direct Selling Association of Malaysia and Singapore. Qnet scam is nothing but a manufactured story created by competitors who had vested interests in bringing the firm down.

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