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The Millennium Beat, LLC was founded in late 2019 in central Florida. 

The Millennium Beat’s Podcast hit the airwaves on December 22, 2019, with most of the shows being in English and a few Spanish shows thrown in.

Updated: 05/31/2024

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"Reaching the world one story at a time"

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About Our Podcast

Welcome to The Millennium Beat, the weekly podcast hosted by Kevin James. Join us every Sunday at 6pm as we help you share your story. Kevin James brings his unique perspective and insightful commentary to every episode, discussing ways to share the gospel through stories, miracles, and testimonies. To encourage the world that if God did it for our guests, He could do it for our listeners.


The Story Behind Our Podcast

A few years ago, the Lord put on my heart that miracles would start happening in abundance everywhere. As a storyteller, I was looking forward to that day happening. Because when you give your testimony, you set a precedent for it to happen again. So doing interviews, whether on the phone, computer, or in person, we set the presidents for miracles worldwide.


Reasons To Tune Into The Millennium Beat

Explore fascinating topics and engaging conversations with our podcast – Tune in and join the discussion!

Quality Content

Our podcast delivers insightful analysis and thought-provoking commentary on a wide range of topics, keeping our audience engaged and informed.

World-class interviews

We feature exclusive interviews with accomplished and influential experts from around the world, offering unique insights and perspectives.

Global community

Our podcast fosters a diverse and welcoming community of listeners from all over the world, providing a space for meaningful conversations.


See What Our Audience Have To Say

Listen to our podcast and discover why our listeners love us!


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