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Welcome to The Millennium Beat, the weekly podcast hosted by Kevin James. Join us every Sunday at 6pm as we help you share your story. Kevin James brings his unique perspective and insightful commentary to every episode, discussing ways to share the gospel through stories, miracles, and testimonies. To encourage the world that if God did it for our guests, He could do it for our listeners.


Encouraging the world one story at a time To Share The Gospel.

The Millennium Beat, LLC was founded in late 2019 in central Florida. The Millennium Beat’s Podcast hit the airwaves on December 22, 2019, with most of the shows being in English and a few Spanish shows thrown in.


To share the gospel through stories, miracles, and testimonies. To encourage the world that if God did it for our guests, He could do it for our listeners.


Tune in for inspiring stories of miracles, testimonies, love stories , and engaging discussions on topical subjects with our captivating podcast.

Future Mission

Embark on a captivating journey as we travel the United States, interviewing people so that they may share their stories to encourage others.


Your Guide To Share The Gospel.

The prayerfully consider partnering with me spreading the love of the Father and be part of “The Millennium Beat” as we travel across the country.


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Using improv to fight sex trafficking

Nicole Henson shares her journey of healing and deliverance from the effects of abuse, trauma, and mental illness. She recounts her background of growing up in a family plagued by domestic violence and the subsequent abuse she experienced at the hands of her biological Father. Nicole describes the deep emotional and psychological impact of the abuse, including the development of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). She shares her struggle with mental illness, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, and the lack of understanding and support she received from the church. Nicole then explains how she found healing and deliverance through prayer, fasting, and surrendering her life to God. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a surrendered life, reading the Word, and walking in her true identity in Christ to keep the doors closed to the enemy’s attacks. In this conversation, Kevin James interviews Nichole Henson about her ministry and the importance of finding healing and hope in difficult situations. Nichole shares her contact information, including her email, Facebook page and group, and website. She encourages listeners not to lose hope and to view God through the lens of His word rather than their circumstances. She emphasizes that God loves and cares for them and wants to bring healing and freedom.


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Estamos juntos en el mismo lugar, pero no unidos


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The conversation is an interview with Pastor Gustavo Carosio from Argentina. The central theme is the urgency for the Church today. The host and the pastor discuss the importance of knowing the state of the Church and how it is perceived by those inside and outside. They emphasize the need for the Church to be rooted in God’s Word and have a personal relationship with Him. They also discuss the responsibility of individual believers to seek God and grow in their faith. The conversation ends with a promise to continue the discussion in future interviews.

Gustavo Carosio



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